Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stamp Out Chaos: The Unveiling

Well, hellooo!

Before I begin, I wanted to mention that this month marks five years of blogging, here at Note To Self.  It's so hard for me to believe that when I started my blog, I had no clue the adventure I would be on, the friends I would make and the knowledge I would gain.  Seriously, I don't know what I would do without this hobby of mine, and I am so happy to be able to share it here.  Thank you so much for following me on this journey!  Be sure to get to the end of this post for a little giveaway!  Now, grab that cuppa, and sit tight...this is a long one.  :)

I am super excited about my post today, because I have wanted to share my latest craft space with you all for the longest time.  Katie, and I have been so busy with life, that this share was put on hold for quite a while.  As you can see, there are leaves on the trees, people...leaves! 

Now, I did a video of my old space quite awhile back (March!), and since then have moved down to my dining room.  Yes, dining room.  For some reason, the picture of the whole right side of the room is missing...but I have enough photos for you to get the idea of it.

The dining room is around 14x10, and I have literally taken over half of the room, lol!  It works great, though.  I get to be with everyone, and the toddler can't get to my things.  So, this is my main work area.  The saw horses, as well as the large wood table make it light and open.

I purchased two ink shelves from Organize More, and LOVE them.  They are worth the long wait, trust me on that.  I also have a storage until from Michaels, that houses my Copics, SC inks, as well as adhesives and black ink pads (in the drawer).  I put my plastic drawer unit above this shelf.  Also on the table, my Big Shot, and my Fiskars Paper Trimmer.  Everything is within reach, which is a must.

Next to me, my lovely and fabulous IKEA rolling cart.  I seriously love this thing.  It holds my 6x6 paper, scissors, heat tool, and other stuff.

On the right side of my table, I put all of my cubes.  Here I store white, cream and colored cardstocks.

Next to that, other patterned papers.

On top of the shelves, I have bins with my stamps, alphabetized by manufacturer.

In the drawers below, I have glitter, spray ink, paints, and such.

I have a drawer with watercolor products, such as Gelatos, Watercolor paint tubes, Inktense Pencils, and accessories.

This drawer has accents/embellishments and fibers.

Below that, a drawer of punches.

In the small cubes above, there are four small drawers, and they have embossing powders...

Embossing Folders...

Enamel dots, and bling...

And, of course, extra adhesives.

Now, for some reason, like I said, the rest of my pictures got lost, but the large cubes on the bottom level really don't have anything useful in them.  So, what do you think?  I like it!  The natural light is fantastic, and because I don't usually craft at night, I don't need a big ol' light.  I plan on purchasing a floor lamp at some point, though.  I hope you might have taken some idea or two with you, to use in your space.

Now, its not much, but I am offering up a little giveaway to celebrate my fifth blogging year.  Leave me a comment, telling me your blog address, and how long you've been blogging (I would love to visit you)!  If you don't have a blog, that's okay too, just say hi!  You have until Friday, 11:59 EST to leave your comment!

So, I can't wait for you to see what my friend Katie did with her space.  I love her sweet craft room, and know you will too!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE your space, Lindsay! So neat and organized. I have been blogging coming up on 2 years this month. :)

  2. Gorgeous natural lighting, love your space and thank for sharing! I have been blogging since January 2011, so coming up to my 3 year mark at

  3. Love your space, it looks bright and colorful. I'm in the process of redoing my blog, hoping that will increase my blogging activity! You can visit me at

  4. Gorgeous space, oh to be organised! I'm cardmaking & blogging 3 years and would love a visit at Paper Learning Curve

  5. LOVE you setup.....made some GREAT use of a small space! I'm still trying to work out those kinks in my room. I don't have a toddler anymore, but I have doggies and VERY curious kitties that think anything that moves is theirs to play with :-D No blog here (not yet anyway)

  6. What a neat scrap room. Love the table with shelves for ink pads and etc. And happy 5th blog anniversary!! :) I blog at
    Thank You!

  7. Ok so I hate to admit that I do have a blog, only because I have had it for a few year and i only have 2 post, I think. I take pictures and have great intentions but my bff that set it up and was going to help got a job in Australia which is so great for home but not so good for me. Plus bought a house and got a new position at work. My goal is to not start so big so a most a month until I get it down better and then more. Ok sorry went on a tangent ther :) so if you are still reading then my blog is Love your ink storeage system is awsome! Cheers!

  8. I love your set-up! I am currently working on the DH to get him to set me set up space in the corner of our family room - he's been resistant but maybe if I show him pictures of how you're making it work in your dining room he will reconsider! :) I have been blogging since October 2004!! I haven't been blogging much in the past eighteen month - lots going on in my life that made me put it on the back burner. My blog is mainly a place to keep track of what is going on with my kids - for family out of state.

  9. Congrats on your new super space and your blogging! I don't have a blog but I've been paper crafting for about 8 years and I love it! Your space is so nicely organized!

  10. your super space is super cute!! I've done some quite like half you did but on my room..... half is my crafting studio and the other is my room!!
    I have been blogging since September 2007!! My blog is mainly a place to share my crafty creations as a "crafter crazy who loves anything crafty" also to keep track of my works as Design Team member for a few stamps companies.

  11. I love your room! And that Raskog cart is wonderful; I have one too. I used to blog, but gave it u a while back; now I just use Instagram to share (@krisvanallen)

  12. Love your crafty space! So jealous! Your inspiring me to get organized!!! Thank you!
    I haven't blogged in a long time, but started my blog about 3 years ago. My blog is:

    Thank you for a chance to win some yummy goodies!!!

  13. Congratulations on five years go blogging! Your posts are great! I'm just planning my craft room....I'll be using so many of your ideas! Thanks for showing us your awesome space! I started my blog a little over two years ago.

  14. My Jaws dropped open!! Your space looks fabulous!!! :)

  15. Wow so enjoyed looking at both craft rooms. So so organised and wonderful. I can only dream!! I am new into organising a room so very basic at this stage. I dont have a craft blog, my blog is for Sign Language. I have now started to post cards to flickr if you feel like looking. Aileen Ryan, actually sorry I dont know how to direct you there. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. I love that you shared pics of your organization, I am drooling. I also have my stamping space in my dining room, right next to the dinner table, I am so ashamed to say we don't eat there. ha. I started my blog about five years ago and share your feelings of making new friends and gaining knowledge. I would love for you to visit me Lindsay, at

  17. Your craft space is so nice! I have too much stuff to be that organized! Love the Ikea cart. I think if I get a new craft room, I will get one (or two) of those. :) I know the drawing is closed, but here is my blog if you'd like to stop by: I've been blogging for 8 years (wow! can't believe how long).

  18. Your space is delightfully colorful and full of great hints to help others be organized!! Enjoyed scrolling through several of your posts!!! Came here by way of Katie!! Thanks for the offer to visit my blog - I would love it - I am at http// Great job and great blog!!!