Monday, September 15, 2014

"Getting To Know Me" Blog Hop!


First of all, thank you so much for your congrats on my previous post.  You all are the best, and I truly appreciate the kind words.  I know there are many talented paper crafters out there, and I am humbled you come to see me over here!

Speaking of talented paper crafters, my Runway Inspired "boss" and super talented owner of Altenew, Jen Rzasa, nominated me to participate in the "Getting To Know Me" Blog Hop.  As part of this, I answer a few questions about my creative process, and such.

  • What creative projects are you currently working on?

I am right in the middle of working on projects for i {heart} papers.  I have a bunch of products from the store that I keep together in a bin, to use on my cards so they are ready when I need them.  I also just finished up a card for my post with my good friend Katie, and our Take Two Thursday series, using the September Studio Calico Kit.

  • What inspires your designs?

I find the product usually inspires what I am making, but sometimes it's magazine ad, or a piece of furniture.  I love to look for inspiration from the greeting card isles at Target, just soaking in the simple designs, and being inspired to try some of them.  I am also inspired by a lot of other paper crafters.  There are so many great ideas that others think up!

  • What method/process do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?
I usually spread out the products I would like to play with, out on my table, to see where I want to go with it.  I usually have either a sketch in mind or feel like winging it, lol!  For real, I have thrown away my share of the "let's see what happens" kind of projects!  Depending on how complicated my design is, I usually take about 30-45 minutes to make a card.
  • If you had to describe your "signature style, what would it be?"
I am all about clean and simple!  Sometimes though, I like to add a bit more to my designs that would, in my opinion, move it beyond C&S.  I guess it depends on my mood, or inspiration.
  • What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?
I love tools and the various products that go along with paper crafting.  I have to have my Detail scissors, those are so handy!  I also can't work if I don't have my stylus and score tool (do those count together, lol?), and I would have to say that, lastly, my ATG adhesive gun, because honestly, you can't create a card without really good adhesive.  Now, I have been loving the Multi Matte Medium for adhering small embellishments, but we won't count that one, eh?  Hee!

So, confession time...this is where I nominate two to three more paper crafters.  I tried, I really did, but you all are so busy being awesome!  Seriously though, between my hectic month (September always kills me) and everyone either having done the hop already, or were too busy, I got nothin'!  I do hope that you can forgive me...I am a blog hop failure, lol!  

Because I failed at the blog hop part of it, I thought I would put together a little list of bloggers who always inspire me, and I am sure you are well aware of in blog land.  In case you aren't, there you go!  There are SO many more that I could list, seriously, but I will leave it at five.  So...

My first inspiring papercrafter/blogger would be Miriam Prantner.  Her projects are always adorable, and super well done.  I always walk away inspired from her work.

Second, I love the fun cards that Keren Baker creates.  I have been following her for quite some time, and am always in love with her designs.  Good stuff right there.

Another crafter I admire is Therese Calvird.  Her videos are really fun to watch, and she has some great ideas on ways to use different products.  Love her cards!

Of course, I can't not mention the amazingly inspiring Tasnim Ahmed.  Oh my, her designs are so amazing, and I love her beautiful cards!  She has some wicked watercoloring skills!

And lastly, I have been inspired by Carissa Wiley, and love watching her videos.  She has great ideas using the Studio Calico kits.

Phew!  Longest post in Note To Self history, ya'll!  Thanks for sticking with me there.  I will leave you with a sneak peek of a card I have up today, on the i {heart} papers blog.  Go check it out if you have a chance! 

Thanks again for popping by!


  1. Great post :) I did one today too and its the longest ever for me lol. Love seeing who inspires you, so even though you didn't nominate i will be visiting the blogs you mention ...i only nominated one person and thought it rude to go asking tonnes of people lol
    Kate x

  2. I loved reading more about your creative process, and thanks so much for the sweet words, you really brightened my day!

  3. LOVE reading about how you create, Lindsay! Thanks so much for continuing the chain :) You also reminded me that I have multi matte medium too, and I always forget to use it!

  4. Just popped over- I try and avoid my 'stats' but looked at the referrers and saw your blog. I'm stunned (in a bashful way) that you included me in your list. Love your Iheartpapers card ( popped over for a little look). So glad I came over- will come again. You've no idea how much that comment means to me today x