Monday, September 8, 2014

Creative Blog Hop


How is your Monday going?  As good as a Monday can, I hope!  The lovely and talented Melania asked me if I would join the fun Creative Blog Hop that has been going around.  I said sure, and so, I have to answer a few questions.

So, the first question is, What am I working on now?  Hm, lots of things actually!  There is the Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking call for the Card Creations 13 issue, as well as my project for the i {heart} papers store blog that will go up soon.  Those are the most immediate, but I am also busy with a few other assignments a little further out.

Second question, How does my work differ from others in my genre?  Oh, now that is a question to ponder.  Sometimes I don't think I am very original, however, I don't give myself enough credit, in that I like to try new techniques, and get messy.  I feel that I put my personal style in my projects, and that is really the thing that, for most of us, makes our work unique.

The third question is, Why do I create what I do?  I started cardmaking as a quick creative outlet, as well as a way to not have to buy cheesy greeting cards.  It has morphed into sooo much more than that.  I never dreamed that my little paper crafting obsession would turn into Design Team opportunities, as well as being in magazine print!  It has been a fun journey, that's for sure!

And, lastly, How does my creative process work? HAHA!  This is a good one, because, true story, I am such a free form crafter.  I don't plan anything out, do sketches, and rarely seek out special inspiration.  I sit down, and see what happens.  Maybe I am just lazy, but I find my creativity hampered when I have to follow the instructions.  True with life, no?  I do like a sketch, or an inspirational photo, don't get me wrong, but I don't usually have a strategy when I sit down at the table.  I like to see what happens.

So, the next step is to tag 2-3 other crafters!  Well, I tried, but whoa, I got busy, they were was tough, so I have my good gal pal and talented friend, Katie joining in.

Katie Gehring- Hello!  My name is Katie and I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband, our two lively and creative daughters, four cats and countless antique automobiles.  By day, I work in the Human Resources department of a large bank, and by night, I am a paper engineer, DIY enthusiast and all around crafty gal.  I started scrapbooking in 2001 and decided to try my hand at stamping a few years later.  Little did I know that stamping would take my crafty passion, enthusiasm, and stash of supplies to a whole new level! I love to try new things and try to do something creative each and every day. 

The next person I chose, was my talented mom, Becky.  Now, she doesn't have a blog, but she makes quilts, and sews anything and everything!  She has an A-mazing eye for color, and adores creating fabric projects for her home.  She is also a successful quilt block seller on Ebay!  She is certainly an inspiration to me!

So, there you have it!  Thanks so much for reading a little bit more about me.  Have a great day!

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