Thursday, February 21, 2013


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Hey there!

I played along with Paulina's 10 Minute Craft Dash last night during my crafty session, and wanted to share the results.  I actually like the 10 minute challenge, even though my heart gets to pumping so hard and I start to get all nervous that I will FAIL!  It's just plain fun.

Well, I made it in time, 9 minutes 15 seconds...phew!  Don't mind the totally archaic phone you see here, haha!  I would rather spend my money on crafty goodness ;0) so I keep this old boy around!

And of course the aftermath of said's actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

A little break down of events for you:

  • Gather supplies in color pallette as well as stamps I might use.
  • Decide I need to pee before I begin, I hate to be interrupted later
  • Get out a white card base, and nervously push the start button
  • Stamp, stamp, stamp...
  • Hear snippets of the silly conversation my son and husband are having in the living room, baby crying = good news
  • shut the door
  • Put strips of pink paper on, hate it, because they don't match the pink ink, rip strips off and wonder what to do about the glue stuck on the card front
  • check time, shriek because I have less than 2 minutes left
  • Cut the card down
  • Grab a turquoise base, put the panel on using foam and stamp my sentiment in the corner
  • Quickly slap rhinestones onto it
  • Sigh with relief, I did it!
I used a couple of Paper Smooches sets, Good Gab, and Whirlygigs for this :0) Here is the graphic:

Now, how bout a little baby love while you're here?  I knew you'd agree!

My little cutie at almost 2 months!  This little guy smiles and coos like crazy, he's my easy-going baby, sleeps pretty well at night and naps very easily.  I always tell John that I earned this one.  My first was a firecracker and still is!  Thank you for humoring me.  Have a good one!

Paper: Candy Necklace, Marshmallow Bazzill
Stamps: Good Gab, Whirlygigs Paper Smooches
Ink: Turquoise Gem Tsukineko, Fuchsia, Chocolate Fresh Ink
Embellishment: Rhinestones Michael's
Tools: Corner Rounder WRMK


  1. SO Loved seeing your craft aftermath mess and hearing the breakdown! Love your card, but the baby stole the show!! His expression cracks me up! He's adorable!!!

  2. Great card! Loving the sparkle, but sorry, the baby is way cuter than the card! ;)

  3. Fun card, Lindsay, but what stopped me dead were those gorgeous blue eyes on your little guy! He is precious!

  4. Love it! And the aftermath couldn't be that bad since it's only 10 minute. I guess there just isn't a lot of time to create the 'usual' mess XD I guess you didn't use the washi afterall :D

  5. This card is simply perfect. The fun circles, the layout, the rhinestone nailed it, Lindsay!

    I'm with the other gals, your card is cute, but the baby definitely steals the show. Such a cutie pie!

    Thank you for playing in this 10 Minute Craft Dash, sweet friend. Hope you can join in the challenge again soon!

  6. haha, your thought processes during the 10 minute craft dash always make me laugh! Great card, I love the colour combo. And your son is so cute, what a lovely photo.

  7. I've got too much stress in my life to do a 10 minute craft dash! LOL! Cute card and even cuter baby. I miss mine being tiny.

  8. I felt the same way when participating in the 10 min. craft dash but just went with it. :) Your card is awesome but your little boy steals the show. How cute is he?!!!

  9. I love the graphic design of this card, Lindsay! Your card turned out so pretty :D
    Thanks for joining us in the 10 Minute Craft Dash! Hope to see you again soon :)

  10. My first was the easygoing everything... my second was a nightmare. Now that they're 4 and 2, the tables have completely turned! ;)

    I LOVE your card - the layout is awesome, even if it ended up there by chance, and I love the design with the circles. Thanks so much for joining the Craft Dash, I hope you play again!

  11. Such a fun bright card! Lovely.. The little baby boy of yours is so adorable..that smile on his face is so precious :)
    Thanks so much playing along 10 min craft dash! Do join us again! :)